Charcuterie: Custom, Local & Delicious!

Mouse in the House sells charcuterie boards of all sizes in Chesterfield

“There is really nothing better than sharing some delicious food with the people you care most about.” 


Charcuterie fans have a new place to get their fix: Mouse in the House opened late last year in West County. The business creates and distributes charcuterie boards of all shapes and sizes from its home in The District at 17057 N. Outer 40 Suite 150A in Chesterfield. In-store dining is not offered, but Mouse in the House wants to make grazing easy for everyone in the comfort of their homes, businesses or at events.


“I’ve been creating charcuterie boards, grazing tables and teaching long before charcuterie was cool,” said owner Heather Stein. “I come from a long line of culinary goddesses, and amazing food has always been the golden thread that kept life together. I love to entertain and, with the recent pandemic, I realized that the friends and family that surround us are what’s most important. I wanted to enable others to host friend [and] family events with less stress and still have kickass food.”

With charcuterie boards, imagination really is the limit. Mouse in the House offers nearly every type of meat, cheese, cracker and any other snacking tidbit under the sun – in whatever amount you need. “We offer everything from single serving charcuterie to grazing tables to serve hundreds. I would guess that our product line may expand a touch, but right now it’s working great,” said Stein.“We have a large selection of both domestic and imported products; our inventory fluctuates based on availability. I’m passionate about smaller, family-owned businesses, and our goal is to have products you can’t get in the big box stores.”

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Mouse in the House sells charcuterie boards of all sizes in Chesterfield “There is